Giuliana Rancic

As the hard working mom of a 1-year-old, Giuliana Rancic is pretty busy.

But she was able to pick up one meaningful extra gig: modeling for The Price Is Right!

"I have been practicing my Price Is Right movements for 20 years," she told E! News. "Since I was in the womb, quite frankly…No, but shortly after getting out of the womb."

"I have been watching Price Is Right since I was a little girl. I am obsessed with The Price Is Right," she said, before launching into a demonstration of some of her modeling moves. "I know exactly what they do! Like this hand, on the hip, like this—the whole thing! I got it down."

Clearly! But taking a part of the show meant a lot to Giuliana on a much bigger level, too. "This show is super special," she said. "It marks the beginning of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. They're going to air it Oct. 1."

"And it's just great, because the whole audience is women who are going through breast cancer, have been through breast cancer or who support other women going through breast cancer," Giuliana, a breast cancer survivor herself, explained.  "So it's an incredible, incredible show."

For more of Giuliana's Price Is Right modeling gig, tune in to E! News Thursday at 7 p.m. and 11:30 p.m.

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