Want to know how to wow your special someone on a night out à deux? Celebrity makeup artist Liz Castellanos is here to give you the tips you need to look your best on date night.

1. Apply Eye Shadow to Get a Soft Smoky Eye: Liz uses a slightly plummy brown shadow to give the model a smoky look that brings out the blue in her eyes. She recommends brown shadow with a golden tint for those that have brown eyes, as well as using a stippling brush for optimal results.

2. Add Eyeshadow Under Your Brow for a Soft Shimmer: Next, Liz applies shadow under the brow to add an iridescent glow. "This is also blending in the shadows that I applied previously into one another," she said.

3. Use Liquid Liner for Definition Around the Eyes: Using liquid liner gives a fine definition to the shape of the eye. "Start in the inner eye and work your way out," she said. "If you want to give it a little bit of a point, start on the outer [eye] and come in."

4. Use a Dark Shadow in the Corner of the Eye: Darker shadow in the corner of the eyelid gives the smoky eye more depth and enhances the blended effect. "By focusing on the corner, it's actually going to open up the eye a lot more," Liz said.

5. Apply Eye Shadow to the Waterline: "By adding the black [shadow] inside the waterline, it's going to give her more depth and more contrast," Liz said. The wetness of the waterline will help the shadow set and stay put throughout your date.

6. Put on Mascara to Add Volume and Length: Time for mascara! Liz applies mascara to the tips of the lashes to get length and then works at the root for volume. "Wiggling left and right will actually separate the lashes," she said.

7. Shape the Face by Adding Definition to the Brow: Liz uses eyeshadow to fill out the model's brows. "You want to make sure that you elongate [your] brows so that it shapes the browbone," she advised. Use a disposable mascara wand to brush through your eyebrows and make the shadow look more natural.

8. Powder Your Face to Eliminate Shine: Powder mutes out excess shine and add more coverage to the face. Liz recommends dabbing with a brush to get the full effect of the product.

9. Apply Blush to Apples of Cheeks: Liz then applies soft pink blush to the model's cheeks. "I'm going to apply to the apples of her cheeks so that you see a nice, soft rosy glow," she said.

10. Use a Subtle Shade of Lipstick: The last step may be the easiest and most important: making sure that your lips are completely kissable. Liz uses COVERGIRL'S New Lipslick Smoochies Lip Balm to give the model a warm pink pout that doesn't overpower her sexy smoky eye.

Hot night out, here you come!

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