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Doesn't it seem as if Prince George was already born at least a year ago?

But no, the royal baby is actually only turning one month old today, having entered our lives on July 22—roughly seven and a half months after the very idea of him entered our collective consciousness.

You're not daft if you feel that the wait for and subsequent arrival of Kate Middleton and Prince William's first child was a bit of a game-changer as far as copious pregnancy coverage is concerned. It was.

Just one look at that little royal punim, though, and we know...

Royal Baby, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge

John Stillwell/WPA-Pool/Getty Images

It was so worth it!

So, what has His Royal Highness Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge been up to during his first month on the planet, besides nursing and sleeping and offering up nappies for changing?

Not a whole lot, to be frank, minus the wondrous new world of tummy time, but we still bet that his parents—and maternal grandparents, who were hosting Kate, William and their wee grandson at their home in Bucklebury—have been loving every second of it.

However, considering how much change occurs from week to week in a baby's development, let alone month to month, those close to HRH are probably noticing a few big-boy differences.

Now that he's reached the one-month mark, Prince George's Moro reflex—when a baby flares his arms and legs and quickly pulls them back in—should be in full effect, meaning that it can look at times as if he just can't wait to get moving, especially when he's startled.

George also is likely able to get a firm grip on a proffered finger, but he can't support his head on his own just yet and still needs a comfortable hand or arm to cradle his little noggin. He's probably still a little near-sighted and can't focus as well as he will when he's three or four months old, but he's on his way—and though his hearing isn't fully developed, he can recognize sounds such as his mother's voice, and he has a proclivity for high-pitched sounds.

Which is good, because probably everyone who's ever gone near him squeals with delight.

George's No. 1 mode of communication remains a good old-fashioned cry, so, figuring that babies feed every two to three hours and produce four to six wet diapers a day, the prince probably sounds the alarum every few hours.

But while half of England would probably be happy to pull diaper duty at the drop of a hat, all we can do is look. So in honor of the royal baby's one-month milestone, check out all of our Prince George pics, starting with his arrival at the hospital while still safely ensconced in his mother's womb.


Royal Baby, George Alexander Louis, Kate Middleton, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William

John Stillwell/WPA-Pool/Getty Images

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