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If we were enrolled at Rosewood High, we'd most definitely fail all our classes.

Why, you ask? Umm, hello have you seen their staff and student body?! From Ezra Fitz (Ian Harding) as the world's most swoon-worthy English teacher to Toby (Keegan Allen) and Caleb (Tyler Blackburn), aka the sexiest seniors ever, we would need an inhaler to stop our hyperventilating from hotness-overload.

And now we can exclusively reveal that there is another handsome fella headed to the hallways as Rosewood High's newest guidance counselor. When Pretty Little Liars returns in January for the second half of season four, Wes Ramsey (CSI: Miami) will take on the role of Jesse, a laid-back staff member with a warm smile.

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Considering our liars suffer through a constant fear of hooded murderers and frequent text message torments, we'd say that a little guidance could definitely be a good thing. Especially since the ladies are trying to balance college applications and schoolwork, in addition to their daily ominous threats.  

Times have certainly changed since we were seniors! Plus, we're sure that the now overly-stressed Mr. Fitz will appreciate someone else stepping in to offer advice every once in a while.

Ramsey will be a recurring guest star throughout the winter season. And in a rare Pretty Little Liars twist, so far the character is not a love interest for any of the girls—not even older guy-loving Aria (Lucy Hale)! An attractive Rosewood citizen who won't have flirtations with our fabulous foursome? Color us intrigued! But of course, as every PLL fans knows, all that could change with just one heart-melting smile.

And here's a special little fun-fact for all you youngins out there: Ramsey was a recurring character on another spooky drama back in the day called Charmed, and you'll never guiess who played his mommy dearest... Holly Marie Combs! That's right, Ramsey will now be working side-by-side with his former magically-inclined mother, and it looks like Mrs. Montgomery has already heard the news.

The Pretty Little Liars actress tweeted Thursday morning, "This is gonna get weird ;)" in response to our exclusive casting scoop. Hmm, Jesse isn't going to be a love interest for the liars, but we didn't say anything about the liars' mothers being off limits...

Don't miss the summer finale of Pretty Little Liars this Tuesday at 8 p.m. on ABC Family.

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