Connie Britton

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Nashville is gearing up for it's season season's premiere next month (you can check out the drama-filled trailer, here), but that doesn't mean the show's star was relaxing all summer.

Connie Britton filled her time off set by, well, hoping onto another one. The former Friday Night Lights' actress told us all about sharing laughs with Tina Fey and Jason Bateman. Plus, what the Emmy nominated star has been doing for fun when she actually does take time off.

How's your summer in NYC been?
I am here now working on a movie. I love it downtown. It's my favorite part! I just finished This Is Where I Leave You, based on the book by Jonathan Tropper, and I got to tell you, I think its going to be fantastic! It's an amazing cast of people like Jane Fonda, Jason Batman, Adam Driver, Tina Fey—just incredible funny people. The script and the story is so funny, moving and just human. It's directed by Shawn Levy and it's a real departure for him from what he's done in the past. It's just a really great story and I know people are going to love it.

Who made you laugh most on set?
It's probably between Jason and Tina—The comedy that just comes instantaneously out of there minds is daunting. I just sit with those guys and laugh for hours. It was just so much fun!

Besides filming, what did you do this summer?

I love to go hiking, swim and like to do all those things that people like to do. I like to drink margaritas—can we count that in? I think a margarita is just a really important pursuit of the summer. I am just saying.

And what about fitness? 
How did you spend your summer workouts?
Take advantage of the weather and be outside as much as possible. I think if your outside your way more connected to nature and I just find it much easier to stay in shape.

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