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A Pretty Woman fashion moment at the Emmys? Talk about a scandal!

Scandal star Dan Bucatinsky, who was nominated for Outstanding Guest Star for his work on the ABC hit drama, chatted with E! News' Marc Malkin at the ATAS Peer Group's celebration for the 65th Primetime Emmy Awards, where he dished on what he'll be wearing on the big night and whether or not he has a speech prepared.

Oh, and we managed to get some Scandal scoop about the highly-anticipated third season, premiering in October, out of Bucatinsky, who is also an executive producer on Lisa Kudrow's Web Therapy, as well!

Bucatinsky reveals to us that he was thinking about pulling a George Clooney by wearing the same tuxedo he wore to last year's Emmys, but Scandal's wardrobe department would hear of no such thing. "The Scandal folks helped me out with a tuxedo and I said I'd wear it again and they said you can't," he explains. "I think I'm going to try a couple different options just to go through the Pretty Woman tradition."

And though he has a good chance of winning the statue for his work as James, Cyrus' (Jeff Perry) long-suffering journalist hubby on Scandal, Bucatinsky isn't jinxing his chances by pre-writing his acceptance speech. 

"So far no speech prepared. I feel like it's tempting fate," Bucatinsky says. "I'm so thrilled to be nominated. I haven't really prepared anything. I feel like it's so remoted. But as I'm walking around I'll be thinking, I wonder who I have to remember to thank. It could happen. I will prepare. I'm a writer also so I feel like the pressure's on. But I'll come up with something, I promise."

Something else Bucatinsky promises? That the new season of Scandal will not disappoint. "Scandal is going to start the season just moments after we left Olivia Pope last season, moments after the car door opens. We were all very excited to see that, 'Oh we're going to keep going!' We're excited to get to the excitement of understanding the relationship between Olivia and her dad."

Bucatinsky says that isn't the only mystery the cast is excited to figure out: "Who leaked the information that Olivia was the mistress of the president and putting out that fire and all of the crazy. To me, it feels like a crack in the boat. And that there's more and more cracks in the boat. It feels really real and exciting and heart-pounding."

—Reporting by Marc Malkin

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