Ryan Gosling, Christina Hendricks

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Who wouldn't like being bossed around by Ryan Gosling?

Christina Hendricks costars in the Drive hottie's upcoming directorial debut, How to Catch a Monster, a thriller about a mom and son trapped in a dark underworld.

"It was truly wonderful and probably one of the most creative things I have ever worked on and most collaborative," Hendricks told me The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Pre-Emmy Performers Peer Group reception. "[Ryan] was tremendous as a director. He knew exactly what he was looking for, set an environment for people to be truly creative in a way that I never experienced before."

And Gosling gave the cast something very rare in Hollywood.

"We had the extraordinary experience—you don't always get this with a film—we rehearsed for a week and a half to two weeks before," Hendricks said. "So we felt like a tight unit family…We felt very close. We've all been talking since and I've seen a bunch of them since."

That bunch includes Gosling's real-life girlfriend Eva Mendes, Doctor Who's Matt Smith and The Host star Saoirse Ronan.

In November, Hendricks is back to filming Mad Men.

And no, she has no idea what's in store for the final season of the AMC series.

"Our writers just went back," Hendricks said. "I'm so excited they're back in the writers' room pow-wowing and coming up with something. They never cease to blow my mind."

Mad Men

Michael Yarish/AMC

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