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Remember that jaw-dropping peek at an all-grown-up Danica McKellar rocking fishnets and a very un-Winnie-Cooper-like apocalyptic-superhero look?

Well, here's the finished product.

The video for Avril Lavigne's latest single, "Rock N Roll," is out in the wild, featuring the pop star in full combat mode (well, she's wearing a camouflage helmet and a bandolier of bullets across her chest, at least), conspiring with McKellar to take on the world.

Or at least take revenge on whoever made them so angry. And they totally make out, too.

"But if you and I put up a middle finger to the sky, let 'em know that we're still rock 'n' roll," Avril sings while surrounded by oddly masked and costumed characters in a Tank Girl-reminiscent environment.

Part cartoon, part comedy and somewhat fierce, "Rock N Roll" is all girls-just-want-to-have fun shenanigans.

"It was the first kiss for both of us. We never really talked about it afterward," Avril intones in a deadpan voice-over following the video's big girl-on-girl smooch, which occurs after the car she and Danica are riding in crashes, killing the dog behind the wheel. (That's right, a dog was driving.)

"But," the singer concludes, "I think about the events of that day again and again, and somehow I know that Winnie does, too."

And we're going to bet that plenty of other people will as well. Including Kevin Arnold.

"Danica, thanks again for appearing in my #RockNRollvideo!!" Avril tweeted her pal today. 

The single, the second off of her upcoming self-titled fifth studio album, will be available for download Aug. 27.

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