Our journey back through the anals of Soup history continues today...or is it our journey though the annals of Soup history? Oh well, either way. With a little over 24 hours until our big LIVE 500th here's part three of our favorite clips from the last 499 episodes of The Soup.


The late, great series One Tree Hill had something for everyone. Drama, raw emotion, a fairly random appearance by Nick Lachey and of course, as seen in this clip, one of the worst ice tea refills ever captured in a moving picture.




Chef David presents a lot of delicious items to at home shoppers on his show In the Kitchen with David. And we, in turn, present a lot of him. This time, however, David didn't have a chance to be the one creamin' his apron over the munchies the show was hawking. His caller beat him to it. Although in fairness, David kind of got her there.



We forgot why these guys even started fighting, but thanks to the salt 'n pepper haired tough guy in this clip from The Bold and the Beautiful, we will never ever forget the name Rick.

Rick might be done, but we're not. Bring it on back tomorrow for the final installment of this look back at our favorite clips and don't forget to watch The Soup's 500th episode LIVE Wednesday, August 21st at 10/9c.

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