Lindsay Lohan, Oprah


Well, this has been sufficiently awkward.

After months of waiting and seeing glimpses of a tearful Lindsay Lohan, OWN finally aired Oprah Winfrey's highly anticipated sit-down interview with the troubled starlet on Sunday night. However, based on the event's lackluster ratings, it looks like audiences decided to send LiLo a very clear message: "You can't sit with us!"

Lohan's post rehab tell-all failed to hit the 1 million mark. The one-hour special broadcast of Oprah's Next Chapter averaged 892,000 viewers in the 9 p.m. premiere telecast while the 10 p.m. encore averaged 504,000 viewers. Hmmm, we wonder how many viewers Glenn Coco would have snagged?

Wearing a bright orange dress, Lohan seemed genuine, answering all of the hard-hitting questions about her addiction and family troubles, and even offered some eyebrow-raising explanations for her actions. Unfortunately, the actress's confessions only drew in a 0.66 rating, which is barely a bump from OWN's regular Sunday night programming at 0.62.

As you may recall, Oprah had a similar tell-all interview with Lance Armstrong this past January, but unlike LiLo, the former cyclist brought OWN record-breaking numbers. In the first night of his two-part interview, Armstrong's Tour de France confessions drew in a whopping 4.3 million viewers, making it the highest rated weekday telecast in the network's history.

Are you surprised more people didn't tune into Lohan's emotional interview? Sound off in the comments below! (Bonus points if you can incorporate a Mean Girls reference!)

PHOTOS: Lindsay lights up in rehab

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