AnnaLynne McCord

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AnnaLynne McCord must have had some run-in with a bronzer gang who obviously cornered her in a dark alley and doused her with shimmery bronzers. We can't think that she consciously left the house looking like a copper plate.

Not only are her face and neck two completely different colors, but her face is covered in bronzer that has way too much gold and shimmer to even hint at a natural glow. No bueno.

We will say once we got over the bronzer trauma, we fell in love with her copper eye shadow and pink lips.  If only she had escaped the bronzer bully this would have been a perfect look.

Beauty Bailout: Ladies, I know shimmering bronzer looks pretty in the compact but unless you're posing for a St. Tropez ad it just doesn't fly.  Not only is it a completely unnatural color, but it can actually make your skin look ruddy.

The color of bronzer is just as important as the placement of it. You don't want to completely cover your face like AnnaLynne. You want to strategically use it to contour and/or create a sun-kissed look.

To use bronzer for contour, choose a natural-looking matte like MARC JACOBS BEAUTY O!Mega Bronze - Perfect Tan.  Use a large angled contour brush like MAC Brush 168 to apply the bronzer (make sure you always tap the brush after dipping in bronzer to ensure you don't end up looking like an Oompa Loompa) upwards along the hollow of your cheeks (suck in your cheeks and feel below the cheekbone; that's where it goes) up to your temples, then down along your jaw line, and along your hairline.  Blend with a large powder brush.

To use bronzer to just give yourself a sun-kissed look, use the same matte bronzer to lightly (key word being lightly) apply where the sun naturally hits your face – cheeks, bridge of nose, forehead, and chin. Without dipping the brush in bronzer again, use the excess powder on the brush to lightly dust your neck and décolleté to ensure your face doesn't end up a different color.

Get the Look: If AnnaLynne had left the copper to her eyelids this look would have been a 10!  To get her eye makeup look, apply two coats of a shimmering copper eye shadow like Stila Eye Shadow in Copper to your eyelids. Hint: If color looks too sheer, try wetting your brush before dipping it in eye shadow for a more opaque effect.

To copy AnnaLynne's pink punker, start by exfoliating lips with a sugar scrub or toothbrush. Then line lips with a neutral or flesh-colored lip pencil and use a creamy bubble gum pink lipstick like BITE BEAUTY Luminous Crème Lipstick in Vento.

We do plea with AnnaLynne to take us with her to her next red carpet event. We won't dare let those bronzer bullies get close enough for another attack.  We would ensure her bronzer looked so natural that all anyone would comment on would be her sparkling eyes and perfect lips.

If you're a beauty addict, Janna will be your enabler. Just an occasional user? She'll be your bad influence. Visit her blog at and indulge!

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