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Tour life!

Selena Gomez snapped a photo of herself resting on a private plane after her concert in Winnipeg.

The brunette beauty was shown icing her legs while relaxing in her luxurious seat. She appeared to be exhausted from the evening's event and even captioned her pic, "Now, I hurt. Everywhere."

Gomez also clutched a McDonalds cup as she posed for the candid photo.

And while she's only five concerts into her Stars Dance Tour, which will see her performing 58 shows, it looks like this Disney starlet is already seeing the effects of such a grueling schedule.

But feeling tired or rundown won't stop the 21-year-old.

Selena Gomez

R Chiang/Splash News

She posted a heartfelt message on Twitter thanking fans in the Canadian city for their hospitality during the concert.

"Winnipeg love you guys reminded me why I'm so in love with what I do tonight. Best show yet," she said.

She attached a pic of her posing with fans outside of the show's venue.

Gomez appeared comfortable in a baggy white shirt with the number "25" written on it, and had her hair up in a messy bun.

She also sported a dark red lipstick to highlight her signature pout.

Despite hours of nonstop work, Gomez still looks fantastic! 

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