Jon stewart, Judy Sheindlin, Ashton Kutcher

Frazer Harrison/Brad Barket/Getty Images/WireImage

The gift of gab seems to be paying off nicely for Jon Stewart.

According to TV Guide, The Daily Show host is now pulling in more money than his late night counterparts.

Stewart is reportedly earning between $25-30 million a year, whereas Jay Leno and David Letterman are said to be making $20 million each.

In other areas, Two and a Half Men star Ashton Kutcher continues to dominate in prime time with $750,000 per episode, while Howard Stern reigns supreme when it comes to reality TV programming, earning $15 million per year as a judge on America's Got Talent.

Over in news, Today cohost Matt Lauer rakes in an impressive $22-25 million a year, a number made even more impressive considering Rachel Maddow placed second with $7 million.

But these folks have nothing on Judy Sheindlin!

Not only does the Judge Judy star earn more than anybody in both daytime and syndication, she blows everyone else away.

So how much are we talking here?

Try $47 million a year!

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