You had to see it coming.

Young master Jack Osbourne, who has openly enjoyed dabbling with pot and booze, has checked himself into a detox facility in Southern California.

Last Wednesday, the 17-year-old offspring of noted wild rocker Ozzy Osbourne entered Las Encinas, a detox/rehab facility in Pasadena, to deal with his addictions.

"Jack made a realization that he needed to make some changes in his life and he needed help. He went to his parents, who had been encouraging him to make those changes. He has checked himself into a detox facility with the full support of his parents," said the family's spokesperson.

"Here's a kid who realized he had a problem and took it upon himself to go to his parents. That should be the moral of this story. This should be looked upon as how families need to work together," concluded the rep.

Jack and sister Kelly, 18, found instant fame when MTV cameras began trailing rock's royal family on a 24/7 basis for the network's hit series The Osbournes. Older sister Aimee refused to take part in the reality series.

Even as Kelly spawned her airtime into a moderately successful debut album and Jack used the venue to promote himself as an A&R man, the pressures of living under a microscope reportedly caused him to suffer from depression and insomnia.

Ozzy, who has publicly battled drug and alcohol abuse for decades, also cracked under the pressure when Sharon was diagnosed with colon cancer. Last November, the 54-year-old rocker went on a bender while his missus was laid up--Sharon has since been declared cancer free. But the damage was done, and Sharon admitted to regrets about living life in MTV's fishbowl.

And the family isn't done jumping through boob-tube hoops yet.

Though The Osbournes--MTV's highest-rated series--saw a ratings dip in its second season, the reality show is back with 10 more original episodes airing on the music network this June.

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