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Spoiler Alert: Do not continue reading this article if you've yet to watch Teen Wolf's season three summer finale. We're Derek Hale-level serious here, people! You don't get to complain in the comments about spoilers if you choose to continue on...

Summer Moonday Madness has come to an end, folks!

After a summer season filled to the brim with new characters, mythology and deaths, it's hard to believe Teen Wolf's season 3A finale was able to wrap up most of the storylines, including the big bad Darach, the Alpha pack and it answered the question of whether or not Scott (Tyler Posey) would become a True Alpha. As if that weren't enough, it also introduced us to season 3B's new threat, someone we all know and love to hate. Alas, with the end of storylines comes the end of characters and there was some bloodshed in "Lunar Ellipse."

So who didn't make it out of Teen Wolf's summer finale alive? And who left town...possibly for good?!

Rise of the True Alpha: He did it, he finally did it! Thanks to his strength of character, Scott finally became the True Alpha he was destined to be during his final faceoff with Miss Blake (Haley Webb). (Slow clap for the special effects department for that scene!) Though Deucalion (Gideon Emery), who we finally got to see in Alpha form, tried to get Scott to kill Miss Blake, Scott resisted, trusting his pack to save his mother.

Return of the Alpha: Kudos to Peter Hale (Ian Bohen) for pulling the long con. Originally introduced as season one's big bad, he returned in season two as comic relief, offering up snarky one-liners in the background. But it turns out Peter has been the man with a plan all along as the final scene revealed his ultimate intention: To steal Scott's power and once again become the Alpha. "I am the Alpha. I've always been the Alpha," he screams before killing Miss Blake. Or did he? We never did see her body and Teen Wolf tends to keep their villains alive. Just ask Peter!

Casualties of (Alpha) War: So long Kali (Felisha Terrell), you will be missed by approximately zero percent of the population. Miss Blake, aka the Darach, served Kali a glass facial during their standoff in Derek's (Tyler Hoechlin) loft, killing the long-toenailed female Alpha in the process. And though it seemed that she also took out shirtless wonder-twins Aiden (Max Carver) and Ethan (Charlie Carver), Deaton was able to save them, so they live to flirt another day with their respective paramours Lydia (Holland Roden) and Danny (Keahu Kahuanui). So that means only one Alpha pack member made it out of the season: Head Alpha Deucalion, who got his eyesight back and was spared by a benevolent Scott and Derek (Tyler Hoechlin).

Two For the Road: Gasp, is Derek leaving Beacon Hills...for good? The former Alpha ended the season leaving town with his sis Cora (Adelaide Kane), with Scott's voiceover revealing he wasn't sure when (or if) the blue-eyed brooder would ever return. At least we got to see Derek, who had a pretty rough season, go out with a moment of triumph. "Like my mother used to say, I'm a predator, but I don't have to be a killer," Derek told Miss Blake when she asked him to kill Deucalion.

Parental Guidance: Thanks to Deaton's fancy (and dangerous) trick, Scott, Stiles and Allison were able to save their parents, including a now in-the-know Sheriff Stilinski (Linden Ashby). Yay! But their survival means great cost for the trio, who will now always have a darkness in them, as well as the town, which will now be a supernatural beacon for all things monster and murder. Ya win some, ya lose some! In other parental developments, Scott's recently-introduced FBI Agent father is choosing to stick around for a while, something Scott doesn't seem too happy about. We're sure he's going to make things difficult for Allison's father Argent (J.R. Bourne), after discovering his arsenal and connection to the weird things going on in Beacon Hills.

Allison's Plan: Due to the bad things that will be heading Beacon Hills' way in season 3B, Allison (Crystal Reed) proposed a new code to her hunter father: We protect those who cannot protect themselves." Sign us up for a badass Allison, please! Aside from training, it seems like a potential romance with Isaac (Daniel Sharman) is also in Allison's future, something Scott seemed at peace with. How mature of him!

Teen Wolf's winter season premiere airs Jan. 6. And make sure to check back with us tomorrow for exclusive scoop on season 3B courtesy of executive producer Jeff Davis!

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