Emma Watson

Felipe Ramales/PacificCoastNews/Freddie Baez/Startraksphoto.com

We'd like to place a bet of the fashion variety. Now that Emma Watson has worn this comfy sweatshirt over her J. Brand dress, teenagers around the world (and more than a few adults too...) will show up wearing the exact same look.

Yes, we realize the British beauty only threw on this cozy top to keep warm on a chilly night. No, we don't think that matters in the least.  We firmly believe that the Harry Potter heroine has just that much sway over international style trends. After all, this is the girl that chopped her locks long before Beyonce. 

The question is, how specific a copy will we start to see? Sweatshirts of all kinds, or classic literature covers only? And will Emma's fashion forward followers belt the over-sized tops or maybe add a blazer over top?

We realize our question should be, "is this look even worth imitating?" (our answer is a resounding NO!), but this style icon could make burlap sacks sexy if she so chose. And the truth is, a sweatshirt isn't too far from a burlap sack anyway...

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