Emily VanCamp, Revenge


Usually when you tell someone "I'm sorry," the next part of the conversation includes talk of forgiveness. In Revenge's season-three promo, the next step is two shots to the stomach!

In this first look at the new season of the ABC drama, Emily (Emily VanCamp) is seen on a boat wearing her beautiful wedding dress and apologizing to someone. That someone didn't take her "sorry" very well, because he or she shoots her twice, sending our heroine plunging overboard. Now that's how you start a TV season!

Season three will open with the usual flash-forward to a big event—in this case, Emily's wedding day, and the first part of the season will lead up to that moment on the boat. How very season one of them! We dig it.

Could Jack be the one with the gun? Wechsler recently told us that Jack and Emily will be on terrible terms in the new season. "It's not good. He's not happy with her and there's a lot of tension as is natural for finding out you've been lied to for two years," he said. "If she hadn't lied to him he would've never fallen in love with the wrong girl, and he wouldn't have had a child with her."

Also featured in the promo is the first look at Victoria's (Madeline Stowe) long-lost son, Patrick (Justin Hartley), Conrad (Henry Czerny) falling helplessly to the ground (heart attack, maybe?) and what sounds like Victoria saying: "you have no idea what you've done."

Well played, Revenge. We are now anticipating the new season more than ever. Watch the action-packed promo below and let's start a "Who shot Emily?" speculation party in the comments.

Revenge returns on Sept. 29 at 9 p.m. on ABC!

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