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Do you miss the Dunphys?

Because we sure do! We miss their quirky yet highly relatable antics and we're currently counting down the days until Sept. 25 when Modern Family returns for their fifth season. Can you believe it's already been five years of Phil's-osophy, Gloria's (Sofia Vergara) hilarious hijinks, and constantly tripping up and down the Dunphy's stairs? We can't either!

To celebrate the return of the Emmy-award winning ABC smash, we caught up with the cast of Modern Family to get the inside scoop on all the outrageous new episodes. From a pessimistic Phil (Ty Burrell) to a new manny joining the family and a possible wedding for Cam (Eric Stonestreett) and Mitch (Jesse Tyler Ferguson), we've got all exclusive details on what's coming up this fall.

Back in June when the Supreme Court ruled that 2009's Defense of Marriage Act was unconstitutional, many Modern Family fans immediately thought one thing: it's time for Cam and Mitch to tie the knot. And guess what? The actors completely agree with you! Ferguson reveals, "You know we're very excited to see what the writers come up with I know it's been bandered around by the writers." Did you hear that? The Emmy-nominated actor is so excited about the prospect of a wedding that he just invented a new word: bandered.

After poking fun at his onscreen partner for his creative word choice, Stonestreet agrees that a wedding for Cam and Mitch would be a real treat for both the cast and the fans. "[Creators] Chris [Lloyd] and Steve [Levitan] have both said that's in the cards." Stonestreet says, "They have an idea of where they want to take the characters from beginning, middle and end this season and if it ends in that direction then I think that would be nice."

Switching over to the Pritchett family, it looks like we're going to be getting a new extended member with Adam DeVine coming on to play a male nanny. That's right! There's going to be two Manny's on the show now. Vergara says she's excited for Gloria to have some extra on-screen help with the baby this season and the actress opens up about the real life challenges of working with a baby on set.

"Now we have to deal with the baby, a real baby. It's good, he's doing really good but of course it takes a little bit more in the scene. And you know they're babies, sometimes they're hungry, sometimes they poop, they do this and that," Vergara shares.

And as for Phil and Claire? Julie Bowen reveals that she is excited for fans to finally see that her character isn't the only one who will lose her cool. "Even Phil has a bad day," she promises. Burrell adds, "Some stuff is not going to go well, some stuff is going to go wrong… We just read an episode earlier today where Phil's optimism is tested." Well there's a first for everything right?

Take a look at the video above to watch our exclusive full interviews with the cast and find if they're ready to snatch up the Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series for the fourth year in a row.

Don't miss the season five premiere of Modern Family Wednesday Sept. 25, at 9 p.m. on ABC!

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