Caption This! Winner: Hungry Hungry Mountain Lion

Out of hundreds of submissions we picked one truly amazing caption for this week's contest!

By TIM JENNINGS Aug 16, 2013 10:14 PMTags

A hunter, a dead elk, and a photo-bombin' creep cougar with laser eyes. That's what we gave you this week and in return you gave us comedy. Some dick pics, sure. But mostly comedy.

This week's winner ascended to glory by pointing out a crucial error made by the poor, unfortunate sportsman in the photo.

Congratulations, Duane! I bet you feel more powerful than a cougar with heat vision that just ate an elk and a dude at the same time.

There can only be one winner but the rest of the captions weren't too shabby either. Check them out here then visit our Facebook page for even more. Why not give us a like while you're there. Unless you're scurred. Of laser cougars.