Simon Cowell Baby Mama Drama: Andrew Silverman Says "I'm Doing the Best I Can"

The former married couple just reached a divorce settlement earlier this week

By Lily Harrison Aug 16, 2013 7:44 PMTags
Andrew SilvermanMatt Agudo/

It's been a rocky few weeks for Andrew Silverman, as it was revealed that his now-former wife Lauren was expecting a child with Simon Cowell.

The one-time friend of the X Factor mentor spoke out about the recent divorce settlement and how he's been dealing with the dramatic events taking place in his personal life.

When he was asked if he would ever be able to forgive his ex and the Brit for their extramarital affair, he explained that he still needs some time to heal.

"I'm not in that place right now. I don't know," he told the Daily Mail. "I'm taking every day at a time, not weeks, not months."

Andrew refused to discuss details of the settlement, including the couple's prenup agreement, but spoke on how he's solely focused on his son with Lauren, Adam.

"It's been a difficult situation, but I think I'm doing the best that I can with the cards that I have been dealt and my priority has been to protect Adam the whole time," he explained.

"We love him really dearly and we want this to not affect his future."

Andrew added, "I'm a private person, we are a very private family."

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And despite the ongoing ordeal, he told reporters that he's looking forward to the future and moving on from being caught in the center of the love triangle.

"[I] love the kid to death and want to move on and move forward with our life and on to the next chapter."

Last Wednesday, a source close to the formerly-married couple confirmed to E! News that a settlement in the couple's divorce was reached.

"As I've said all along, my priority was resolving this quickly for the sake of our son," Andrew said in a statement. "Lauren and I both love him very much and I'm looking forward to starting a new chapter in our lives. Hopefully people will respect our family's privacy."