Olivia Wilde

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

We're huge fans of both The Boss and a comfy boyfriend t-shirt, but we're not so sure either should be paired with a formal skirt...

Olivia Wilde is taking an interesting red carpet risk with this high-low fashion combo. The vintage T feels more like concert-going than carpet-walking wear, and we're not so sure about the cut-up hem on her silky skirt. Dare we say it looks like she's trying too hard to be too cool for school?

Maybe the look would work if she tucked in the tee and paired the whole look with a chic blazer? Or what if she ditched the skirt and did the top with skinny jeans and a leather jacket? Either way we feel like both of these things are not like the other, making for a match made in the opposite of heaven...

What's your say?

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