Charisma Carpenter


In a word: dayum!

Former Buffy star Charisma Carpenter is looking all kinds of fierce in her latest selfie on Twitter.

The brunette beauty shared a pic of herself rocking a zebra print bikini that perfectly showed off her amazing figure.

She captioned the pic, "#workhard #earnit #ownit PFT! 43 is fine with me!"

Fine?! More like fan-freaking-tastic!

And while there's clearly no doubt that Charisma took a dip in the genetically-blessed pool, she did admit that staying in shape is something she works hard at.

In the same pic on her Instagram account she added, "Pool please. #fit"

About two months ago, she also snapped a pic of herself in the mirror holding up her shirt to reveal her washboard abs.

"#werk #bikini ready," she captioned the photo.

And between motivational quotes and shots of herself flexing her impressive (and enviable) muscles, Charisma is one fit and healthy lady on a mission.

 "F—k flab—strong!" she wrote in another early snapshot. "#hardworkpaysoff"

Boy, it certainly does!

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