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Love Alexa Chung's style?

You're not alone. The Brit It girl has won four British Style Awards thanks to her fashion savvy, and now she's giving fans the chance to replicate her signature style with her latest project.

The 29-year-old has teamed up with indie cosmetics brand Eyeko to help launch and star in the campaign for a new makeup line set to launch in November.

Working with the brand's founders, Max and Nina Leykind, Chung has collaborated with the pair to create a limited edition $45 set that will include waterproof black mascara and Chung's must-have beauty product: black eyeliner. 

"Liquid liner is my savior," Chung told Women's Wear Daily when discussing her Eyeco project. "I'm pretty much naked without my eyeliner on. It's my comfort blanket."

And to really sell her point, Chung jokingly added that she "penned" her upcoming fashion book It with a liquid liner.

It's the type of quirky humor we've come to expect from the stylish gal, and one of the many reasons we love her.

And in celebration of her latest gig, here are a few other reasons we're fans of Chung: 

Alexa Chung, It

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1. Collaboration Queen: This isn't the first time Chung has given her fashion fans the opportunity to emulate her covetable fashion sense. Back in 2011, she created a line with Madewell that was so popular, it crashed the retailer's site. "Congrats! You crashed the @madewell1937 website with the purchase onslaught. Glad you like it! Xxxx," she jokingly tweeted. 

2. The Write Stuff: Talk about beauty and brains! Proving that she knows her stuff when it comes to fashion, the Brit babe is a contributing editor to iconic style bible British Vogue and she's authored a style book entitled It, which is set to debut this October.

3. Quirky Style: We love that Chung follows her own unique sense of style, embracing everything from overalls during her off-duty days to vintage dresses and chic flats for her many red carpet appearances. It's a true-to-self sense of style that inspires us to think outside the box when getting dressed!

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4. Humble Hottie: Though she definitely has bragging rights after taking home multiple Style Awards from the British Fashion Awards, Chung has remained surprisingly unpretentious about it. Not only does she admit to keeping the awards on her bedroom floor, but she also downplays deserving the accolades. "The thing about that particular award is that it's the least concrete thing to assess," she said in an interview with The Look. "When someone wins a grand thing then I understand that, but style is so subjective; it's difficult to thank people properly for that."

5. Fabulously Funny: We've long been fans of her self-deprecating sense of humor via her tweets, like this recent gem: "Thinking a paper bag would be a sufficient laptop case is hopefully the last bad decision I make today." And who could forget when she hilariously turned Justin Bieber down? 

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