Josh Jackson Cops to Drunken Brawl

Actor admits to being drunk and disruptive at 2002 hockey game; enrolls in alcohol education program

By Lia Haberman Apr 10, 2003 8:15 PMTags

Fortunately for this Dawson star, he didn't land up the creek.

But Joshua Jackson's bad behavior at a Carolina Hurricanes hockey game last November has landed the Canadian-born hockey fanatic in an alcohol education program.

On Wednesday, the actor, who starred in all three installments of Disney's The Mighty Ducks, in addition to Dawson's Creek, admitted to being drunk and disruptive at the hockey game as part of plea bargain to shake an assault charge.

The 24-year-old Jackson was arrested November 9 by Raleigh, North Carolina, cops for an alleged drunken assault on a security guard. Joining Jackson in the paddy wagon was Creek crew member Terry Long, who was also arrested for rowdy behavior.

When tested at the Wake County Jail, Jackson registered a 0.14 blood-alcohol level (North Carolina's limit is 0.08). He was released the next day on $1,000 bail. Long was further charged with possessing marijuana and drug paraphernalia (the marijuana charge was later dropped).

Raleigh prosecutors agreed to dismiss Jackson's simple assault charge if Jackson enrolled in the alcohol diversion program. As such, Jackson will have to attend 15 hours of boozing-is-bad education classes, which come with a $150 price tag, and complete 24 hours of community service.

In addition, Jackson also has to hold down a job (tricky considering the Creek is coming to a close May 14) and stay out of trouble while in the program. If Jackson completes the program by October 9, prosecutors will drop the drunk-and-disruptive charge. The thesp can then move to have his record wiped clean.

"We thought if was the most appropriate outcome under the circumstances," Jackson attorney Brad Bannon told the Associated Press.

Aside from the quality time he's about to spend performing community service and studying the negative effects of too much liquor, Jackson is busy wrapping up the sixth season of Dawson's Creek.

In February, the WB announced it was pulling the Creek's plug. But the kids of Capeside won't go quietly; a two-hour series finale, penned by the series' creator Kevin Williamson, is planned for May 14. Fans hope rumors of a very special wedding episode will finally bring closure to the Pacey-Joey-Dawson love triangle.

Jackson (aka Pacey Whitter), who has spent the last five years living in Wilmington, North Carolina, where the series is shot, makes his directorial debut with next week's episode of the WB teen drama. He'll helm the episode titled "Lovelines" in which guest stars Dr. Drew Pinksy and Adam Carolla dissect Joey's relationship with Eddie.

Jackson, who plans to divide his post-Creek summer vacation between Vancouver and Los Angeles, is currently starring in the indie release Safety of Objects opposite Glenn Close. He just wrapped shooting on the Adam Goldberg-helmed psychological dramedy I Love Your Work, playing a Hollywood newcomer who becomes the object of a jaded star's obsession.