Jennifer Lawrence, Cannes

Samir Hussein/Getty Images

Jennifer Lawrence is going to be hard-pressed to top the awesomeness that was her 22nd year, but we have a feeling that if anyone can best playing one of the fiercest literary heroines in recent memory, winning an Oscar and gracefully dealing with falling down on her way to accept that Oscar...

It's a 23-year-old Jennifer Lawrence!

The actress' birthday is today and we bet that, whatever the adorable Leo is doing to celebrate, she's making everyone around her crack up with glee.

Or, perhaps even more likely, her friends and family are holding their hands over their mouths in shock.

While it would be easy enough to gush over Lawrence for her red-carpet style and her acting chops (the one-two punch pretty much buys you a free pass in Hollywood), she may be even more talented in the off-the-cuff-remark department.

This is the star who said, "Your ass is mine, Stone!" on the red carpet at the Academy Awards, remember?

Needless to say, we can't wait for her to hit the publicity circuit for Catching Fire, which hits theaters Nov. 22, and then David O. Russell's American Hustle, out Dec. 13. Her massive hair alone in the hotly anticipated political thriller should be enough for a dozen sound bites!

So, a very happy birthday to Jennifer Lawrence, and let's all celebrate by revisiting her best quotes. Enjoy! 

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