It's not uncommon for costars to become BFFs or even real-life lovers after spending so much time on set together.

So, you might be surprised to hear that Richard Dreyfuss forgot Amber Heard twice after working together on the upcoming film Paranoia. You would think pranking Liam Hemsworth with a dildo during a sex scene would get you remembered by the entire cast and crew...but apparently that's not enough for the Hollywood actor.

Heard made an appearance on Chelsea Lately to tell the tale.

The first incident occurred when Heard went to dinner with the actor and his wife. Although Mrs. Dreyfuss recognized the actress, her husband talked to the 27-year-old beauty about their scenes together—thinking she played a nurse in the film.

To make matters even more awkward, Heard told Chelsea Handler, "He had no idea who I was…again. Again. He shook my hand!"

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The second incident came after the cast reunited to do reshoots for the film and, according to the actress, after the two had already "worked side by side, been on set twice and had dinner."

"I walk into the room and [Dreyfuss] stands up and says, ‘Oh I'm sorry. Were you wanting to sit down?'," Heard recalled to the talk-show host. "And he's like, ‘Well, you know this is where the actors are…[but] you can totally sit down.'"

"But I'm in the movie and you know me!" she continued, jokingly frustrated.

How does anyone forget the bisexual beauty who's dating Johnny Depp?! We're definitely confused.

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