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Not bad for "a spaz kid from Oklahoma."

Bill Hader is just full of sexy anecdotes in the September issue of Playboy, not least of which being his recounting of John Mayer's response to a parody Hader and Kristen Wiig once did on Saturday Night Live about Mayer's relationship with Jessica Simpson, in which the then-couple had nothing substantial to talk about.

"John came up to me and said, ‘Jessica and I were watching that in bed.' Oops. Sorry!" Hader recalls.

All in a day's work, right? 

And there's also the tale of doing it with Rachel Bilson on camera in front of his wife...

Bill Hader, Playboy

Gavin Bond/Playboy

"We laughed a lot while we were making the movie," the now former SNL star says in the mag's regular "20 Questions" feature, discussing his role in the new comedy The To Do List, directed and written by his wife, Maggie Carey.

"During the sex scene I have with Rachel, Maggie said, ‘Um, I need you guys to f--k harder. Do you know what I mean? Rachel, you really need to ride him,'" Hader recalls. "The crew guys all said, ‘Man, your wife must really like you.'"

More like, that's a woman who knows what she wants. In her viewfinder, at least.

Rachel Bilson, Bill Hader, The To Do List


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