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Gia Allemand, who appeared on The Bachelor and The Bachelor Pad, passed away tragically on Wednesday from an apparent suicide at the much-too-young age of 29.

Although she didn't end up winning the heart of Jake Pavelka on season 14 of The Bachelor, she did win the hearts of viewers with her sweet personality and infectious smile. Fans even hoped that Allemand would become the next Bachelorette after making it all the way to the final three. Since her time on The Bachelor is when America spent the most time with her, we thought we should relive her best moments on the reality series. From hometown honesty to a classy exit, here are our five favorite Gia moments from The Bachelor season 14.

1. Model Behavior, Episode Two: When Gia is being quizzed on her past relationships by Jake alone on the rooftop, Ashleigh "steals" Jake away by interrupting their conversation in nothing but a bikini. Though it was a very unclassy move, Gia let Ashleigh have her time with Jake, and she still managed to get a rose without resorting to scantily clad tactics.

2. Calling Vienna Out, Episode Three: Vienna was the bad girl of season 14, but Gia (along with fellow contestant Ella) refused to play into her drama. They called the eventual Bachelor winner out on her manipulation and backstabbing, which prompted Vienna to insist she could care less what people thought of her. But clearly they got through to her, since Vienna was in tears moments later.

3. Gia Gets a Rose Without a Date, Episode Three: Gia managed to leave enough of an impression on Jake this early on in the season without a one-on-one date. For you Bachelor experts, you know that's no easy feat.

4. Hometown Honesty, Episode Six: Gia made it all the way to the hometown dates, and although her mom insists that Jake really has love for her, she needed more than that to honestly believe he's already in love. That episode showed Gia had a good head on her shoulders and wouldn't easily buy into the fairy-tale aspect of The Bachelor. Plus, seeing Gia interact with her family was really endearing to watch.

5. A Graceful Exit, Episode Seven: Even though Jake said during the episode that Gia had grabbed hold of his heart, Jake made the decision to let her go in the end. And unlike many other eliminated contestants of Bachelor past, Gia handled it the best way a lady can. She told him the other girls were great and that she was happy he was continuing his journey toward love, even if it meant the journey was without her.

Did you watch Gia on The Bachelor? Did you love her as much as we did? Sounds off in the comments below.

If you or someone you know needs help, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

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