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By TV Scoop Team Aug 15, 2013 1:00 PMTags
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We know it's usually TGIF, but isn't Thursday just as great as Friday when we've got some scoop on your favorite TV shows to share?! In today's Spoiler Chat, we've got some casting news that might upset fans of a certain Orphan Black character, as well spoilers on the new seasons of Homeland and Nashville. Plus, we've included scoop on Two and a Half Men's new leading lady, Castle's upcoming sci-fi ep, Downton Abbey and more...

Connor: You haven't given us any Under the Dome scoop! What gives?
Woah, fella, slow your roll! We've been waiting until we had something super juicy to share, and now it's time to spill. We saw in last week's episode that the mysterious egg warned us that a "monarch will be crowned," but did you know that that there is going to be an actual monarch inside the dome? In an upcoming episode, we'll start to see some serious changes inside that strange mini dome, including a perfectly placed cocoon. Is anyone else starting to get terrified of butterflies because of this show?!

Eamonn: Binged on all of Orphan Black this past weekend and now am going through withdrawal. Got any scoop?
Though we hate to be labeled enablers, we support your Orphan Black addiction fully! BBC America is bringing in two major new characters in season two and Hot Paul fans may want to sit down, 'cause one is described as "a leading man"! Cal is an intelligent and surprisingly emotional woodsman who lives off the grid and keeps to himself, who is an artist at his core, but has been burned before. The other newbie is Pastor Johanssen, a leader of a radical faith based on Prolethean sect, who is extremely anti-science. Expect to see both characters recur throughout the 10-episode second season.

Ashley M.: I know you've seen the first two episodes of Homeland, you lucky duck. Better start spilling.
We feel like you want to replace duck with another word…one that also rhymes with duck. Anyway, spoilers will come all in good time, but everything you need to know about the first two episodes is in this brand new tease Showtime has released. True, there won't be any Brody featured in the first two episodes, but the Saul-Carrie relationship will be tested greatly, and that is more than enough drama for us.

Paul D.: Any Castle scoop that doesn't have to do with Beckett's answer to Castle's proposal?
Wait, you mean you don't care about Caskett's potential engagement?! How dare you! Alas, we do have a season-six tidbit for the non 'shippers: Time travel! Episode five is titled "Time Will Tell" and features a case involving a man who swears he is from the future. And yes, we are already giggling at all of the amazing puns and jokes Castle will surely make.


Alyssa: Thanks for the Downton interviews! I hate how long we have to wait. Spoilers would be much appreciated.
How about some new season-four photos? This one with Mary holding the new baby actually tells you a lot about the new season. Mary will be struggling with Matthew's death, especially since every time she looks at the baby, she sees her beloved. So her eyes won't exactly be all over her offspring. And yes, there will be many suitors for Mary, and all we can say about that at this point is to reveal two words Michelle Dockery told us recently regarding her storyline: "birthday surprise."

Sky: I don't appreciate that Nashville promo that shows my queen Rayna almost dead! When will she wake up? Because I know they won't kill her off.
Yeah, it would be pretty dumb for Nashville to kill off the just Emmy-nominated Connie Britton. But it will be touch and go for her in the season premiere, however, we do know that by episode four, Rayna will be good a new. So to speak. But unfortunately, she'll then have another huge crisis to deal with involving the disappearance of [spoiler]!

Karen: I love that Amber Tamblyn is coming to Two and a Half Men. I hear she might be a new series regular…true or false?
For right now…false. Jon Cryer told us that Tamblyn, who will play Charlie's long-lost bisexual daughter, will only be around for "a little while," but that could change. "We don't know how long, but then, do we ever know how long?" he joked. "It's very exciting. We just had our first run through with her and it was great." By the way, did you know that Amber is best friends with Blake Lively?

Adam in St. Louis: Waiting for Parks and Rec to return is the woooooorst! Imagine that being sung like Jean-Ralphio. Can I get scoop on his character in both House of Lies and Parks? I love him in both!
If you think Parks and Rec will soon become the Jean-Ralphio show, you are very wrong. Sources tell us that the writers are very aware that too much Jean-Ralphio could be a bad thing, and they won't overuse him in season six. That being said, he will be involved with Tom's battle against a rival Rent-a-Swag type company. As for House of Lies, Ben Schwartz told us recently that the Showtime series will explore a "darker" Clyde in the new season.

—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins, Tierney Bricker and Leanne Aguilera

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