Breaking Bad

Ursula Coyote/AMC

Sunday night's premiere episode of Breaking Bad was not just special because of the record-breaking ratings; it was dedicated to a special fan of the AMC series.

Sixteen-year-old Kevin Cordasco died in March following a seven-year battle with neuroblastoma, a rare childhood cancer. His special bond with Breaking Bad and the character of Walter White (Bryan Cranston) led to the cast and crew to visit him on several occasions before his death. And after he passed away this year, Breaking Bad decided to dedicate the final episodes to Kevin.

E! News spoke with his parents, Melodie and Kevin Cordasco exclusively about the impact the Emmy-winning drama had on their son and how much the premiere dedication on Sunday meant to his legacy

Kevin first fell in love with the drama after finding a connection with Walt in the pilot episode, where he was diagnosed with lung cancer.

"Outside of all the craziness and the crystal meth, he saw someone who wouldn't let cancer stop him," Kevin's dad tells us.

His mother told a sweet story about Bryan Cranston and his wife coming to visit her son in the hospital, saying he stayed for over two hours just talking with Kevin.

"[Bryan] just was so warm and just amazing with Kevin," she remembers. "They just really connected."

After the final scene in Sunday's episode, the words "Dedicated to our friend Kevin Cordasco" appeared onscreen, a moment that his family called "very touching."

"I cried," his mom says. "It was beautiful."

To hear more about Breaking Bad's ode to Kevin, watch our exclusive interview with his parents below.

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