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Another day, another not-so-shocking Miley Cyrus photo (which is meant to be totally scandalous).

This time, the pics are courtesy of Terry Richardson, who recently photographed Liam Hemsworth's gal for Harper Bazaar and posted on his personal page a series of pics which are sure to raise some eyebrows.

Of course, Miley took to Twitter to share a few shots with her loyal Smilers, directing fans to Richardson's site to see over a dozen images of the former Disney star, shot in the famed photographer's studio.

"See me & @Terry_World f--k s--t up on & get a little couture classy for @harpersbazaarus," she captioned a photo of the pair making a provocative gesture, with Miley sporting jeans, a white sports bra, bright red lips and matching nails. 

"Terry Motha F--kin Richardson," she wrote a few hours later, posting a fancy photo collage of Terry's pics. 

In the shots (which are all available on Richardson's Tumblr page), Miley shows off her tough gal 'tude, grabbing her crotch while rocking high-waisted denim, a cropped white shirt and the photographer's signature hipster glasses.

She poses with Terry in a few pics, giving the camera a sultry stare while showing the fashion photog some love.

The short-haired stunner also strips down to a sports bra and black gym shorts for two of the pics, which feature the star flipping the bird (while flaunting her washboard abs) and showing off her insane twerking skills with her feet propped up against the wall in a twerktastic position (girl's got some serious arm muscles!).

Cyrus also sports a "rap music" sweatshirt while scowling at the camera, and she puffs on a cigarette in a couple of close-up shots.

The revealing images are nothing new for "We Can't Stop" singer, who apparently has no shame stripping down for the camera, as she continues to create controversy while redefining her once squeaky-clean Disney image.

She posed completely nude on a Marc Jacobs T-shirt for a charity campaign in July, and she also bared some serious under boob in a twitpic earlier last month.

Most recently, Miley found herself at the center of yet another scandal after she joined forces with French Montana to create a remix of the rapper's hit "Ain't Worried About Nothin"—a song in which French Montana freely drops the N-word.

While Miley never uses the racial slur, some found her presence on the track inappropriate, and the pop star took to Twitter (natch) to fire back at her haters.

"i know what color my skin is," she tweeted. "you can stop with the friendly reminders bitch." She also tweeted a graphic with a lyric from her hit single that read, "It's my mouth I can say what I want to."

At this point, we think she's made that pretty clear.

Keep on twerking, girl!

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