Teen Wolf, Tyler Posey


"Their final battle starts right now."

Teen Wolf fans, you may want to grab a paper bag, tissues and a glass of water 'cause you're going to need it come Monday night as the MTV hit series' summer season comes to its conclusion and seems intent on making its fans feel all the feelings on the feeling spectrum. (Curse you and thank you, executive producer Jeff Davis! But seriously, our therapist thanks you.)

We've got an exclusive trailer for the highly anticipated finale, which teases unlikely alliances, death (Lydia the Banshee is screamin', ruh-roh!), shirtlessness (Duh!), a possible car crash...and Scott (Tyler Posey) finally becoming an Alpha?!

It seems like Scott might still be going to the dark side and teaming up with Deucalion (Gideon Emery) in order to save the parents and defeat the Darach aka Ms. Blake (Haley Webb) after all. "I think you'll be surprised what a good team we make," Deucalion tells Scott about the two of them teaming up, before later pushing for Scott "to become the Alpha" he was meant to be. "Become a killer," he says. Cue Scott's eyes turning red. We repeat: Scott's eyes turning red. Did you get that Alpha Alert on your phone yet?!

But that's not all the epic trailer teases as we see Cora (Adelaide Kane) tells her brother Derek (Tyler Hoechlin), who seemingly gave up being an Alpha to save her in the last episode, "If you want to fight and die for something, do it for something meaningful." Or you know, he could just not die, thanks! But it seems he will be having a final showdown with his former lady love Ms. Blake. Plus, is that Stiles (Dylan O'Brien) getting in a car accident?! And it seems the twins are attempting to set the television record for most consecutive shirtless appearances. We salute you, good sirs!

Showing no signs of slowing down, Teen Wolf's third season is its highest-rated to date, up 19 percent over season two.

And in case you're the nerd who fell asleep early at the slumber party, MTV is giving you a chance to join the cool kids' club with a Teen Wolf marathon, beginning at 11 a.m. on Monday, leading up to the finale at 10 p.m. Hosted by the cast, the network will air some never-before-seen footage from the season. Not enough for you? Immediately after the finale, the cast will appear on the Revelations after show to dish on the craziness that went down in the finale and to tease what's ahead in season 3B.

Teen Wolf's summer season finale airs Monday at 10 p.m. on MTV.

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