Katy Perry

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Hot off the heels of countless press appearances, red carpet events and a new single "Roar" that's currently blowing up the charts this summer; Katy Perry is in what seems like a whirlwind of glamorous, action-packed activity.

In fact, we'd say the talented pop singer is clearly on top of her game with her incredible success, striking  beauty and robust fan base to boot—and certainly isn't slowing down anytime soon.

So how does she keep herself grounded, gorgeous and feeling good?

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During an interview with radio station Fresh 102.7, our favorite California girl dished on her fitness routine and what makes her feel good.

"I think making my body feel good boosts my confidence," Katy told radio host Kim Berk. "I think if I just take a minute to get more sleep and also if I [take] a run. My favorite thing to do here in New York is bicycle right by the waterfront. Just put on a new record that I want to listen to and just go bicycling up and down, up and down. And go bicycling in Central Park! It is so nice. It's like all these scenes are changing around you. It's a beautiful feeling."

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The glamour girl also shares that she actually loves the outdoors. "I go hiking. I do all the outdoors stuff. I just try to make sure my body feels good and then my mind feels good. And then I'm happy!"

Keep it up, Katy—you're definitely doing something right! 

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