Ravenswood Teaser

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Take a deep breathe. In…aaaannd out…Very nice.

Why the mini-meditation sesh, you ask? Well we've snagged you the first teaser trailer for Ravenswood, the Pretty Little Liars spinoff, and we want to you be in a completely relaxed state before watching this insanely creepy new clip.

Prepare to say goodbye to Caleb (Tyler Blackburn), because Hanna's (Ashley Benson) love is packing his bags and leaving his traumatic A-filled past behind for new cursed challenges ahead. We don't know how Caleb will stumble into the dark new town, but based on this first-look trailer, we do know there will definitely be some trouble ahead. (And possibly a funeral!)

The new 16-second trailer above brings us some slight American Horror Story vibes, as we see quick flashes of the eerie new town and a very solemn-looking Caleb. From an overpopulated cemetery, to a beautifully decorated coffin and a dead raven with a snapped neck, things in Ravenswood look bleak at best. Adding to the misery, the teaser's captions read "The darkness comes to life."

From the creators and executive producers of Pretty Little Liars, Ravenswood will center on a small town in Pennsylvania—not too far away from the infamously drama-prone Rosewood—that has suffered under a deadly curse for generations. And now the curse is about to strike again!

ABC Family announced in April that Blackburn has signed on to star in the highly anticipated spinoff and the news was met with very mixed reactions from the insanely passionate PLL fans.

NEWS: Get all the details on Ravenswood

We chatted with Blackburn in June and he said that he is both "excited" to lead the new series, but also sad to be leaving his Rosewood family behind. "It's a little bit bittersweet obviously because I have so much affinity for the cast and crew. But it's part of a franchise so it still feels like part of the family in a way," he tells us. "I've sort of gotten over the bitter aspect, and I'm like, 'Sweet!'"

The one-hour drama will center on five strangers who suddenly find themselves connected by the fatal curse. The group must ban together and dig into the town's mysterious and terrible history before it's too late for all of them. Ooh! It sounds twistedly terrifying—and we already love it!

Ravenswood will premiere this October following Pretty Little Liars' annual Halloween special, and knowing ABC Family, the new drama will definitely be worth the wait.

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