Angelina Jolie


Angelina Jolie likes to travel in style, or more specifically, in all black.

The actress was spotted boarding a helicopter in the middle of a polo field in London earlier today wearing her usual monochromatic ensemble.

The sophisticated look has become a bit of a uniform for the mother of six. In fact, she was spotted leaving LAX (headed for England) in a similar-styled outfit with her son Maddox by her side.

For today's journey, she sported a black blazer, oversize black sunglasses and trousers to match.

Angelina Jolie, Maddox


It appeared to be a reiteration on her outfit just days prior, which included a pair of Christian Louboutin knee-high boots and a silk blouse. Well, that's certainly one way to travel light!

The 38-year-old was also seen toting around a massive black handbag onto the chopper and speaking with a group of crewmembers before her flight took off.

And while Maddox was her travel buddy for the first leg of her trip, he didn't appear to be anywhere around for the helicopter expedition.

Family affair or otherwise, the stunning brunette looked as chic as ever for her London travels.

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