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Jennifer Cooper, E!

Ever head out for a girls' night with friends and find yourself needing, well, everything you left at home? Getting left at the door because your ID is in the other jeans' pockets is no fun, so we collected some tips from Fashion Police star George Kotsiopoulos to help you plan for a fun fete with no mishaps.

George has pared what you need for a night out on the town to six must-have items:

1. ID:  "Doesn't matter how much confidence you have, a doorman will not let you slip past without proper ID and it's a huge buzz kill to your friends if they can't go somewhere because of you," George said.

2. Credit Card: "While it's great to get treated to drinks, you won't owe anyone anything at the end of the night if you just pay your own way," he said. "Or why not make a bold move and buy that cute guy a drink?"

3. Cash: "Stash the cash on your body not in your bag just in case there is an emergency," George advised.

Bobbi Brown Powder

Nordstrom/Bobbi Brown

4. Fully Charged Phone: "Make sure you set the screen to dim so you don't blind anyone in the club when you're tweeting," he said. 

5. Compact Powder or Blotting Papers: "Dewy skin is sexy but an oil slick on your forehead is not, especially since every night is like a photo shoot (#instagram)," said George. 

7. Lip Color: "Your makeup should stay put, but it's highly unlikely that your lip color will—so plan on touch ups," he advised. 

8. Listerine Strips or Trident Vitality Gum: "You want to attract people not repel them," George quipped. "The Listerine strips pack a wallop in the smallest of packaging and Trident vitality gum is the best you will ever have."

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