Forget Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle. This is the Liam Hemsworth-Josh Hutcherson edition. 

The hunky Aussie appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night to promote his upcoming film Paranoia (which hits theaters Friday) and spilled a highly- ntertaining story about his first experience eating a burger(s) from the famed fast food joint while bonding with his Hunger Games costar.

Beware—if you've just eaten breakfast.

While discussing his acting endeavors, Hemsworth admits he watched many American movies while growing up and shared his surprising pick for his one-time favorite flick.

"I watched a lot of American films," the Hunger Games star says (in his oh-so-sexy Australian accent!). "A particular film that had a real impact on me when I was a teenager was Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle. It had a deep impact on me as a teenager," he admits with a laugh.

Miley Cyrus' man continues, noting how he didn't even know White Castle actually existed because the burger joint isn't around in Australia.




Liam Hemsworth, Josh Hutcherson


"At the time when it came out I was 16 or 17 and my friends watched it religiously; it was like the Bible," he confesses. "And we didn't even know that White Castle was real then, we didn't have it in Australia and we assumed that it was made up for this movie. And it wasn't until I came to the States that I found out White Castle was a real place!"

Much to Hemsworth's dismay, his big move to Hollywood did not include a trip to White Castle.

"I spent the first year talking about it to people and I said ‘Let's find a White Castle; there's none in L.A,'" he says. "Here they are all in the South and on the East Coast."

Cue pal Josh Hutcherson coming to the rescue.

"When I shot the first Hunger Games, Josh Hutcherson took me to his place in Kentucky. We're shooting in Nashville and we drove to Kentucky and he said there was a White Castle right by his house," Liam shares. "So we planned on going there and we bought three or four of these briefcases of White Castle burgers…And we took them back to his house. We ate them. And then about a half an hour later—this was our first real bonding experience me and Josh, this is when we really became good friends—and we went out to his garden and we threw up together."

Talk about best barf buds for life.

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