Sharon Stone Talks Beauty Secrets: "I Am Aging but I'm Enjoying the Process"

Get the lifestyle advice straight from the 55-year-old blond beauty

By Brett Malec Aug 13, 2013 12:00 PMTags
Watch: Sharon Stone Shares Beauty Secrets

What's Sharon Stone's secret to never aging?

"I think I am aging but I'm enjoying the process," Stone recently dished to us while promoting her new film Lovelace. "I think that's really it. I'm enjoying my years, I'm enjoying my life, I'm enjoying my family. I'm just happy—-a happy person."

Courtesy: Todd Oren/WireImage

The 55-year-old blond beauty, who was recently snapped showing off her hot body in a sexy bikini, insists there's no secret to her amazing figure. "My secret is no secret," Stone told E! News. "I just do all the things you're supposed to do. I eat right, I sleep, I work out, I'm happy. I have a beautiful family, nice friends. I choose the good things. I choose the happy, healthy things. I don't choose the bad, unhealthy, unhappy things."

"What if you just don't do the dumb, stupid, unhappy things?" she continued. "Took me a long time to figure that out, but I think that's what it really is."

Stone says she realized this, "After I was really unhappy and unhealthy, I think it dawned on me to stop doing the unhappy, unhealthy things."

The proof is definitely in Stone's age-defying beauty!

—Additional reporting by Will Marfuggi