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In case you missed Sunday night's episode of Total Divas or you just want to relive it, we've got the best moments from the show in a full pic/gif recap!


The episode starts off with Nikki and Brie Bella in the car having some good quality sister time. They see palm trees along the streets and start wondering what the job is called for the people who have to maintain them. Brie thinks it's "tree cutter" and Nikki thinks it's "tree trimmer".

How do they resolve this little argument? They pull out their phones and Google it.

The proper term is "tree trimmer". Whew...Thank god we got that all worked out...

Total Divas, EP 103

Brie and her boyfriend, WWE Superstar Bryan Danielson, are packing up and moving across the country to Phoenix to be closer to their dog and Brie's mom.


Brie hasn't told Nikki about the move and she's afraid of how she'll react. Bryan says she should let her down easy...

Total Divas, EP 103

We don't think that's the best way...


Next thing you know, we're in Trinity's apartment with her fiance Jon Uso. They've been engaged for two and a half years now and she loves him to death.

Total Divas, EP 103

Jon notices she's not wearing her engagement ring and wants her to go put it on. They joke around a bit but you can tell it's important to Jon.


She gets it out of her jewelry cleaner and puts it back on where it belongs.


Then in a flash, we see Eva Marie and JoJo in the WWE training facility down in Tampa, Florida.


Eva's told she needs to control her body a bit more. While she's getting notes from the coach you hear a big crash and everyone rushes to JoJo's aid!


JoJo's not moving or getting up! The medic quickly comes over and JoJo explains that she didn't tuck her neck and she slammed her head on the mat. Ouch!


She has a pretty bad concussion and is told to sit it out for a couple of practices.

Total Divas, EP 103

Jon and Trinity are out to dinner and Jon brings up the engagement ring issue.


Trinity says it's not that she doesn't want to wear it, it's just that WWE wants the Divas to appear "available" and so she keeps it off at work.


Jon doesn't like this very much and asks when they do get married, is she going to wear it?

Total Divas, EP 103

That rhymed!


JoJo's boyfriend Sebastian comes for a surprise visit to make sure JoJo is okay after her scary injury.


She brightens up and they spend some cute time together!

Total Divas, EP 103

But it's not rainbows and butterflies for long...


Sebastian says that he doesn't like that she's gone so much and it's really not working for him. JoJo pleads that she's trying the best she can and is giving her all but he says it's not enough.


He breaks up with her...

Total Divas, EP 103

Brie is still trying to find a way to tell Nikki about her big move but she's trying to find the right time.


She says it's hard because they're twins and they've never been this far apart before.


They've shared a special bond since they were young and Brie feels bad about being the one that has to make things difficult.


Look how cute they were!

Total Divas, EP 103

The Bella Twins head to their trainer and Brie thinks this will be a good time to tell her.


Brie tells her and you can tell Nikki's not very happy. She starts questioning why they're moving and is getting pretty angry.

Total Divas, EP 103

Trinity and Jon are in the training ring. They're learning new moves and Trinity tries a new leg drop.


She's really nervous about doing it and the coach can tell she's being very indecisive.


Jon says it's because she's indecisive about getting married and Trinity gets pissed that he'd bring up such a personal issue at work.


She does a great leg drop to get back at him...

Total Divas, EP 103

Nattie comes to the new Diva training session to help out. Looks like she might be "helping" for the wrong reasons...

Total Divas, EP 103

Nattie notices JoJo is on the sideline and sees that something is bothering her. She goes over to find out what's wrong and JoJo tells her about the breakup with Sebastian.


You can tell JoJo is really upset but Nattie tells it to her straight. She needs to stop worrying about her old boyfriend and focus on her career. If she doesn't do that, she won't make it in WWE.

Total Divas, EP 103

This really upsets JoJo but she knows it's good advice.


She's just in a really tough place right now...

Total Divas, EP 103

Nikki goes to her boyfriend John Cena for help about the issue of Brie moving. He actually gives some good advice!


John makes her realize that she's turning her sadness about Brie leaving into anger, and that's why she's so upset about their big move.


Nikki admits to having a short fuse sometimes and really appreciates his advice.


Just look at that loving gaze...

Total Divas, EP 103

Nikki heads to Brie and Bryan's place and Brie answers the door.


The last time they were together they got in a huge argument and did not leave things on the best of terms.


Nikki spills her feelings and admits why she was getting so upset and the reason she lashed out...

Total Divas, EP 103



Brie accepts her apology and they hug! Quite awkwardly we might add...

Total Divas, EP 103

Jon wants to know what's up with Trinity. Why does she not want to get married and why is she acting like she doesn't want to be with him?


They get into a huge argument and things get really intense.


Trinity says she's only 25 and can't deal with these issues right now but Jon wants to deal with it and figure things out.


She keeps saying no so he packs up and leaves...

Total Divas, EP 103

She's devastated.

Total Divas, EP 103

It's Monday Night Raw and it's time for business.


Ariane shows up before the Diva match and lets everyone know she's super sick.


She has tonsillitis (we're not doctors but that sounds bad)! Trinity acts like a great friend and checks it out for her.


Total Divas, EP 103

She does not like what she sees...

Total Divas, EP 103

Before the match, Trinity and Ariane speak with a WWE executive to get everything worked out and they find out they'll be in a huge tag team match against The Bella Twins and Jon!


Trinity has to fight her fiance! This is the first time anything like this has every happened. And it had to happen now of all times...

Total Divas, EP 103

They all head to the ring and it's a pretty nasty fight.


One of the Bella Twins is flirting and rubbing up against Jon and it's pissing Trinity off!


Ariane notices this and knows something bad is about to happen...

Total Divas, EP 103

(We don't think that's exactly how you say it... but we get her point...)


Trinity runs at Jon and takes him down with a flying jump and leg lock!


It's against WWE rules for a male wrestler and a Diva wrestler to have any contact in the ring but she does it anyway!!

Total Divas, EP 103


The match ends and Trinity knows she has to go talk to Jon and figure things out.

She finds him backstage and goes over to talk. She finally admits she's just scared of their relationship failing but wants to be with him.


Jon says he loves her and they kiss and make up. So cute to see...

Total Divas, EP 103

And with that, the episode ended and they teased us for next week. We can't wait!


Check next week for another full recap and check out for even more Diva related content!


Tune-in to E! next Sunday at 10/9c for an all-new Total Divas!

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