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This week in pop culture has seen some drastic changes. Mainly Beyoncé's hair. And people are handling this unexpected, life-altering news in very different ways: 

The good: Beyoncé got a cute pixie cut!

The bad: OMG Beyonce cut off all her hair, aka the source of all her power. What have you done, Beyoncé? WHAT HAVE YOU DOOOOONE?!

The ugly: Nothing about Beyoncé is ugly, how dare you. And you know what, she's a groooown woman, she can do what-eva she wants. That includes getting a haircut.

But there's been plenty of other good stuff this week too.

Mainly this Shark Cat riding a Roomba. Behold:

Also, Lady Gaga returned to Twitter with a bang, we're starting an Orange Is the New Black book club, Tara Reid explained how sharks do (or don't) have sex, and The O.C. turned 10.

And, oh yes, there's more. 

We've rounded up our 10 favorite things in pop culture this week for another installment of The E! List. Now get to clicking through the gallery, see what other goodness awaits you.

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