Katy Perry, Roar

Ears up, KatyCats!

Katy Perry has released yet another sneak peek at her upcoming single "Roar."

In the 45-second video, called "Satin Cape," the newest installment of the promo clips features the singer in the recording studio wearing a tiger-adorned jacket. Katy looks just about as fab as it gets in a pair of grunge-esque knee highs and combat boots. Her blue-ish hair also gives off a nineties vibe.

As Katy slowly saunters into the studio, she looks longingly at the camera and then puts on her headphones as if she's ready to belt out the chorus to her next smash hit.

The best news about the video? Fans get to finally hear more of the single's bridge and chorus than ever before.

Katy is heard singing, "I am a champion and you're gonna hear me roar!"

As if that didn't get you pumped up enough, right? We're waiting on pins and needles for the release of the track.

The "Fireworks" singer has been hyping (OK, taunting) fans with teaser clips over the last week.

In one, the pop singer lays herself to rest by holding a funeral for her former persona, and in another, she burns her signature blue wig, kissing her "California Gurls" style goodbye.

Katy's upcoming album, Prism, will hit shelves on Oct.  22 and the song will be officially released on Aug. 12. That's so soon, you guys!

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