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Usher, wedding singer?

Rumors have been running rampant that the mother of Ben Crews, one of the two men who saved the singer's 5-year-old boy from nearly drowning, wants the Grammy winner to croon a few tunes at her son's upcoming nuptials.

But Ben's mom is setting the record straight.

"I said that in jest," Leigh Crews told E! News exclusively. "In no way did I expect that it would get back to Usher and we have no expectations whatsoever. Ben got a reward. That little boy is alive and that is huge."

It was on Monday when 5-year-old Usher Raymond V almost drowned in his father's pool after his arm got stuck in a pool drain while trying to retrieve a toy. His aunt and a housekeeper unsuccessfully tried to free him before Ben and another contractor working in the house got him out of the pool and performed CPR on him.

Ben Crews, Louice Adler

"When we got the news, we were surprised it had happened, but we were not surprised by Ben's actions," said his mom. "That is because he is very level-headed under pressure and so the fact that he responded that way and did not get nervous or froze is not surprising. He is a very caring person and he knows how to act well under pressure."

It no doubt helped that Ben, 30, was also on his high school's swim team.

"He has the skills he needed to know how to dive in and swim and he had done many adventures in school," said Leigh. "He kayaked the Rio Grande and has rock climbed and knows first aid and what needs to be done and that served him well in this situation."

She added, "I'm proud and it always makes a mother feel good knowing her son has done something wonderful and that made an impact. I was a little overwhelmed and my eyes got teary and I have a lot of joy for Ben and I'm glad there was a happy ending."

Leigh said Ben, who is getting married next week to fiancée Louice, "is very happy that he was able to do that and it turned out so well."

Usher himself addressed the situation on Wednesday and thanked both men who rescued his child.

"I am blessed and fortunate to say that my son Usher V is doing well and recovering," Usher said in a statement. "I would especially like to thank the two men who saved my son's life, Eugene Stachurski and Ben Crews. They are true heroes and I am deeply grateful to them."

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