Jennifer Aniston has one of the most sought-after figures in Hollywood, so it's no surprised she was tapped to play a hot stripper-gone-soccer mom in her new flick We're the Millers.

On Wednesday, Aniston stopped by to promote her film with the ladies on The Talk. When asked how she prepared for the role, Jennifer admits to an uphill battle after having knee surgery two months before filming.

"I actually had also just come out, about two months prior, [of] having knee surgery. I was having to do these intense squats and, you know…the moves that you do when you're stripping," Aniston quipped.

"It was pretty intense—I had a knee brace on the whole time until I shot it," she added.

We Are The Millers, Jennifer Aniston

To get into shape, Jennifer hired a no-holds-barred trainer.

"It was challenging—I did yoga and I worked out with this trainer that was an animal," she said. "I was doing things [where] I was like, ‘I don't want to do that ever again.'"

But her turn as an onscreen stripper wasn't all about the body. When asked if she liked her character's wigs, Jennifer gave a resolute, "Nope."

"I didn't like many of the looks, I gotta say," she said. "And also we were in North Carolina and it's a hundred degrees and [there is] a hundred degree humidity. So wearing a wig, it's like wearing a fur hat."

Getting naked onscreen isn't always the liberating experience some actors claim it to be: Aniston opened up about getting down and dirty (and unclothed) in front of the film's entire production crew.

"I did stupid things," she said, referring to protecting her parts during the routines. "I layered my underwear, I had three thongs…three bras. I mean if something's gonna fly out at that point, three of 'em aren't gonna stop it," she said, adding, "It's not easy to get naked in front of other people that you don't want to be naked in front of, so I commend all you strippers!"

The actress made another morning show appearance that day—this time at Good Morning America. Aniston spoke to correspondent Amy Robach about prepping her bod for the racy role.

"Honestly, it was the craziest workout," she said. "My diet has always been pretty clean, but I think I was super, super strict, especially in terms of, I'll usually cheat once or twice a week and I just kind of didn't."

Well, Jennifer, it looks like that will power paid off!

What do you think of Jennifer Aniston's sculpted figure for We're the Millers

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