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For Breaking Bad fans, the beginning of the end is this Sunday when the final season premieres on AMC. In case you've been covering your ears and singing show tunes really loudly to drown out the sound of the cast and producers talking about Breaking Bad ending for good (defense mechanism, we get it), you might have missed some truly great info about Walter White (Bryan Cranston) and Co. and what lies ahead.

Well, unplug your ears and face reality. Or just read up on everything we know about the end of Breaking Bad:

1. The Ending Satisfied the Cast and Writers: When creator Vince Gilligan went to end the epic AMC drama, he didn't think about the audience as much as he thought about the people working on the series. "How do you satisfy everybody? The more you listen to everyone, I find the more fractured your thinking becomes," he said. "Along the way, I felt the best way to come up with something that most people would like was to satisfy ourselves."

But we bet if the ending made him happy, it will make us happy. "I am very cautious in my estimation in general of how people will respond to things. I hope I am not wildly wrong in my estimate that most people are going to dig the ending."

2. The Cast Is Already Missing It: When we chatted with Cranston, Aaron Paul and the rest of the cast at the final season premiere, you could tell they were still hurting from saying goodbye to Breaking Bad. The cast even got tattoos of the Br Ba logo to commemorate making TV history. "Every once in a while I catch a glimpse of it and I see that logo from Breaking Bad and it makes me smile," Cranston told us.

Breaking Bad

Frank Ockenfels/AMC

3. The Final Season Is Intense as It Gets: Check out what star Anne Gunn told us about reading scripts from the last episodes: "I find myself having to lock myself away in a quiet room to read the scripts. I'll find my hands shaking as I turn page after page because what they're coming up with is so intensely mind-blowingly brilliant. The twists and the turns and the unexpected things that are happening are breathtaking, and your heart is leaping into your throat and it's going to be that kind of ride for the viewers."

4. The Spinoff Is a Maybe Right Now: The rumors that AMC is developing a spinoff for Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk) might be true, but nothing has been set in stone yet. Although Gilligan said the writers are "working toward" a series for Saul. And they have Odenkirk on board, so that's a big plus.

"I would love to do it. I'd do it in a second, because if Vince wrote it, it's going to be awesome," he told reporters at this summer's TCA press tour. "Other than that, for me, the spinoff was just having been on the show. Everything good that's already come for me being on this is all I'd never need to be happy."

5. Walter Fallout Is Here: Gunn revealed that in the final season, Walt will have to deal with basically his entire universe going up in smoke. "What Walt's actions have wrought, everything starts to explode and implode," she said. "Every single person around him is being affected by it in a very, very dark away. It's kind of like watching the walls of this world crumble down." RJ Mitte called this season "horrifying, because any moment, anything can happen," and that Walter snapping is "gonna happen."

Check back tomorrow for scoop on Breaking Bad's season premiere. We've seen it, we loved it and now we're spilling spoilers.

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