Need ideas for taking your muted workday makeup to a hot after-hours look? Celebrity makeup artist Liz Castellanos has got you covered with a day-to-night makeup regime that can be completed in four easy steps with COVERGIRL's  newest products.

1. Eliminate Excess Shine: After work, your skin usually isn't as primed as it is early in the morning. Liz first freshens the model's face with a little powder in her T-zone area.

"I want to get around the nose because that's where a lot of oil builds up," Liz said. "I'm adding some on the forehead just to eliminate any excess shine."

2. Create a Smoky Eye: With the model's skin refreshed, Liz applies COVERGIRL's new Flamed Out Shadow Pencil in Ice Flame and COVERGIRL's NEW Ink It! by Perfect Point Plus Eyeliner to create a classic smoky eye. Blend with a brush to give the shadow a clean, refined effect.

"This is creating a sexy yet very subtle smoky eye," Liz said. Although Liz uses false lashes on the model, COVERGIRL's NEW Flamed Out Mascara can also create the maximum volume lash look.

With the smoky shadow in place, building a cat eye look with liner can take your makeup to a sexy after-work level. "I'm going to start out with the outer part of the eye," Liz said. "And give it a little cat eye effect."

3. Wear a Bold Lip Color: Wearing "a bold lip color will keep you looking bright throughout the night," Liz advised. We recommend a bright coral-red or fuchsia pink to give your face the perfect pop of color.

4. Take Your Hair Out: The only thing that's left to prep you for a night out on the town is letting your hair down. Keep your locks in a loose ponytail or fishtail braid during the day and let your waves run wild after work.

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