Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Vine


Fact: If you're trying to maintain a low profile, don't hang out with Eric Stonestreet.

Modern Family actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson learned this the hard way after cruising with his buddy and costar, who made sure to tell everyone within a 50-foot radius that there was a celebrity in the car.

"Hey, I'm the red-headed guy on Modern Family," Stonestreet yelled to people on the street as they drove by.

An embarrassed Ferguson snapped back, "Eric!" (It was all really cute.)

Stonestreet made sure to capture the precious moment on Vine—which he titled "Got him!"—and shared the clip with his Twitter followers, as well.

Meanwhile, the newly married Ferguson also got in on the Vine game, and shared a video of his "amazing technicolor sock," where he presented the different colors on his sock through song.

Be careful, it's a catchy tune.

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