Vanessa Hudgens Talks "Mad Respect" for Pole Dancers, Visiting Strip Clubs for Research—Watch Now!

Exclusive: Star chats with BFF Ashley Tisdale about her appreciation for "amazing" stripper skills in this sneak peek at Vanessa & Ashley: Inner Circle, premiering Aug. 8 on E!

By Natalie Finn Aug 08, 2013 1:35 AMTags
Watch: Vanessa Hudgens Hits Up the Strip Club

Vanessa Hudgens appreciates those who go the distance for their craft.

"I have mad respect for the amazing pole dancers 'cause it takes a lot of work and...they're like athletes, honestly. What they do is crazy!" the actress gushes to Ashley Tisdale—just one of many juicy secrets Hudgens reveals to her BFF in the upcoming E! special Vanessa & Ashley: Inner Circle.

In this exclusive sneak peek, Ashley asks Vanessa about whether she visited strip clubs for, you know, research when she played a stripper in The Frozen Ground last year.

And the answer is totally "yes"!

But when she played an exotic dancer, Vanessa remembers, "I just swing around a little bit. My character just took a hit of, like, crack basically before she does the pole dancing, so it wasn't supposed to be beautiful, glamorous, sensual—it was supposed to be a little messed up."

And to think, Ashley thought Vanessa was "really shy" and "quiet" when they first met at a callback for a Sears commercial.

Brandon Hickman for E!

"We ended up doing the commercial together," Ashley reveals in Inner Circle. "We were friends on the day of the shoot and automatically just really liked each other. She came to my birthday that year. And then a year later we just happened to get High School Musical together."

She exclusively tells E! News, meanwhile, "I can't wait for everyone to see why I love Vanessa so much."

Watch the clip to find out the surprising stuff Vanessa talked about when she sat down with some of those strippers—and spend a revealing day in the life with these celebrity pals when Vanessa & Ashley: Inner Circle premieres on Aug. 8 at 10 p.m., only on E!