Baby Elephant

One would think that a baby elephant and an inflatable kids pool wouldn't mix, but that would be highly incorrect.

Take Belle, for instance, she's a baby elephant at the Fort Worth Zoo who just needed to escape the brutal Texas summer sun. She decided to cool things down a bit with a dip (or flop) into a refreshing tub of water.

The 300-pound baby was less than graceful on her many efforts of getting into the pool, making one adorable spectacle for us to enjoy.

It's not about how many times you fall down, but about how many times you get up, right? Belle's living, breathing proof that sometimes you gotta make waves and keep on trying.

But enough waxing poetic on the baby elephant—see the precious video that will leave you wishing Belle was your new BFF.

And while you're on the adorable animal videos…check out our new favorite cat who's been celebrating Shark Week like it's his job.

Meet Max-Arthur (he goes by Max for short), the world's most fascinated feline when it comes to all things Roomba.

Little Max loves his robotic vacuum friend more than the average kitty, and he spends tons of time riding it around his owner's kitchen. Cat fun and clean wood floors? Ca-ching!

And in honor of this week's special holiday, Max donned a shark costume whilst riding around on his Roomba. In one hysterical clip, Max even shares the spotlight with his pal who happens to be a chicken. (Talk about a guest appearance...)

Honestly, it's genius. Check it out for yourselves.

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