Amanda Bynes, Drake

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It's about damn time!

At one point, it became a mystery as to whether or not Drake even knew what was being said about him by Amanda Bynes, since the star kept mum through months of being the center of her Twitterverse. But he knew exactly what was going on, he just chose not to talk about it—until now.

The rapper finally addressed all of the former child star's bizarre tweets about him—one minute Drake's "stunning" and a second later he's "ugly"—and it turns out he's just as confused as we are.

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"I don't even know who that is doing that or what that's about," Drizzy told XXL magazine (which hits stands Aug. 20).

"If that is her, I guess it's a little weird and disturbing. It's obviously a behavioral pattern that is way bigger than me. Whoever is behind it, whether it's her or somebody else, they know people are paying attention so they keep it going."

Bynes' Twitter has been quiet since she was placed on a 5150 hold a few weeks back, but funnily enough, her last tweet was, "drake is gorgeous."

The actress's inconsistent emotions toward the rapper began in March when she said that Drake "is a hot fellow."

From that point on, things got increasingly interesting (and weird). Bynes followed up with a super raunchy tweet about what she wanted Drizzy to do to her you-know-what, before completely flipping the script and slamming his looks, saying the celeb looked like he has Down syndrome.

And judging from his response to all of this, it seems that Drake isn't into the mysterious unstable type.

Sorry, girl.

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