Seth Rogen, The Office Audition


Remember back in March (or B.O.F., before The Office finale) when Rainn Wilson revealed the list of people who auditioned for roles on the NBC comedy? Parks and Rec's Adam Scott for Jim, 24's Mary Lynn Rajskub for Pam, and so on?

Well, the footage of some of those auditions has been released, so we get to see how Scott read for Jim as well as see other never-before-known stars who tried to win a role on The Office. Can you see Seth Rogen as Dwight or Modern Family's Eric Stonestreet as Kevin? And ironically enough, Bob Odenkirk, who played a Michael Scott-esque character in season nine, originally auditioned for the part that went to Steve Carell.

The audition footage will be part of the The Office: The Complete Ninth Season (out Sept. 3) special features section, along with two hours of deleted scenes, bloopers and the table read of the finale that will surely have us bawling all over again.

Watch the casting footage below and try and imagine a Scranton world without John Krasinski, Steve Carell and Jenna Fisher. It's hard, right? That's what she said. 

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